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January 30, 2006

Fuji F10 Acquisition

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Elena is a spoiled brat. I used the Olympus C3030Z for three years before I upgraded to another camera, yet she has only been using the C3030Z for over a year and already complaining and wanting another camera. “It’s too slow!” “It’s too bulky!” “It takes forever to focus!” “It takes forever between shots!” Well, my job is to please, so I hopped on the internet and searched for the fastest compact digital camera on the market currently, and discovered the Fuji F10. After confirming its advertised features with various owners of the camera, we drove to our local Target and found it on sale, much to our delight. However, it was out of stock and the F10 had been discontinued (F11 is on its way). We tried Circuit City and Best Buy–CC said it’s discontinued as well, and BB never even carried it in the first place–only the lower end Fuji models. We then drove back to the Target store and asked them to contact other nearby branches–all were out of stock. In the end, I talked them into selling me the demo camera, which is kept in a glass case and not like typical floor models where it gets abused by little kids all day long. The sale price was $199.99. I think we got a pretty damn good deal for a camera that sells for $329 suggested price. The box was gone, but all the accesories/manuals were intact.

The first thing I do when I get home from buying something is to read the manual and other relevant information provided. I have discovered that women usually don’t do this. My mother doesn’t–in fact she throws away the manual and every other important thing that comes with the product. Elena doesn’t–she just shoves everything away so that she’ll never be able to find them again if she ever needs them. I’m the designated manual reader/tech support for those two; feel my pain.

January 29, 2006

Mom’s art show

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My mom had an art show, and of course I’m once again the designated photographer. She’s been doing mostly abstract stuff lately, and her abstract stuff is hit or miss, with some pieces showing excellent color design while others somewhat incoherent. So far just about everyone preferred her traditional Chinese watercolors of flowers.

Shooting events like an art show is very tricky because you want to get everything in focus, but if you stop down the aperature for a vast depth of field, you’ll slow down the shutter speed and cause motion blur. If you use a flash, you’ll need to adjust it so that it doesn’t overpower the ambient light of the environment. I’ve got a little formula worked out that has proven to work very well for most indoor shots with ambient light, and that’s the formula I used to shoot the art show. Photos from the show could be seen here, complete with my stupid commentary.

January 27, 2006

For old time’s sake (Z-Axis visit)

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Elena and I paid a visit to my ex-co-workers at Z-Axis (now part of Activision). The cute and charming Row greeted us–who’s now been promoted to office manager (she used to be the receptionist). The company has tripled its size since I left almost five years ago. Gone is the intimate and cozy vibe, but that’s expected when you expand to such a size. While there, I got to see some of the remaining guys from the old days who are still at Z-Axis–guys like Mark, Glen, Dave R…etc. My main reason for visiting was to see my old cube mate Eric though–he was one of the guys I was the closest to at Z-Axis.

Eric, my old cube mate. He actually kept my name plaque all these years, and the movie quote board game I created is still active! He even entered an entry in the company wiki about me and the origin of the movie quote board game!

Chin-Han, originally from Taiwan, is the oldest guy at Z-Axis. He’s a really nice guy–always greets people with a ready smile.

Yobo, Eric’s current cube mate, and someone our family has known for decades. He’s done time at 3DO too, as did my brother Dennis and me (I was only a contractor).

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