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April 22, 2007

Game score project – Day 1

Today I officially started composing the score for the MMOG space shooter I mentioned before (essentially a direct descendant of the classic Subspace/Continnum). I just designed and painted a space girl character for the game too, and I should be able to show it as soon as the game site goes live.

I’ve managed to put in some time organizing the studio (been totally swamped with the new job and freelance work) this weekend. It’s still missing a few things (acoustic treatment, for one), but I’m at least able to get some work done in its current state:


Spiderman 3 finally hit the screens, so now I can show the pieces I did for Sony Pictures:


I haven’t seen the film yet, and I’ll probably wait until the DVD is out.

Surf’s Up (also Sony Pictures) will be released in June, so still a few weeks until I can show those pieces.

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