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June 9, 2007

Home Alone

Surf’s Up is out, so now I can show the work I did for Sony Pictures:

The reviews are on the average positive, scoring a 74% on rottentomatoes and 64% on metacritics. While doing one of my frequent browsing at Borders (for musician’s magazines like Computer Music, Future Music, Keyboard, Music Tech, Sound On Sound…etc), I saw a bunch of Surf’s Up books, and as I flipped through one of them, I saw some of pieces I did. I’m still debating whether to go see it in the theater or wait for the DVD.

I also uploaded the coloring work I did on the Spoils for Tenacious Games:

Wait, there’s more. Here’s a piece I did for Galactic Melee, the same game I’m scoring the music for:

I painted a couple more BJD’s (Ball Jointed Dolls) a while back, and never got around to posting them, so here they are (the third one is the same Gretel head I posted a while back, but with a different wig):

Elena’s out of the country for over a month, so I’m home alone like a sad puppy. We really hate being apart, and this will be the longest we’ve been separated since we met six years ago. Other than the apartment feeling very empty without her, it’s also a pain in the ass to have to deal with household chores when I’m already working non-stop (full-time job and freelancing when I get home). She’s already been gone for a few weeks and there’s still about a month to go. It’s now at the point where we’re whining to each other on the phone. You can see why it’s so hard for us to relate to couples who can’t wait to get away from each other.

We rarely go to the theater to watch movies anymore, and it’s mostly because 1)annoying teenagers that won’t shut up, and laugh out loud during moments that aren’t meant to be funny–especially emotional scenes that are particularly well written/directed/acted 2)damn cellphones 3)can’t pause to go to the bathroom or kitchen 4)movie tickets are ridiculously expensive, especially when considering how cheap DVD’s can sometimes be 5)we have a 50″ plasma TV at home.

So what kind of movie would get me into a theater? The kind that I suspect might knock off a film from my top 50 all-time favorites list. I’m a huge zombie fan and I loved 28 Days Later, so it made sense to spend the money on the sequel, although I knew it was a different director this time around. The film didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but it wasn’t a disaster either. The character development was a bit thin, and there were major missed opportunities the writer could’ve taken advantage of based on the premise (for example, the reuniting of the mom with the rest of the family). The snipers on the roof were probably the best thing about the film, and I have to wonder if that helicopter blades kill was ripped off from Max Brook’s World War Z (which is a great book, BTW).

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