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July 31, 2012

Becoming A Better Artist workshop (September, 2012) now open for enrollment!

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The next run of Becoming A Better Artist workshop is now open for enrollment:

The workshop will be from September 10th to November 4th.

We had 3 consecutive sold out runs of the workshops this year, and the past two runs went over the enrollment limit due to high demand. It’s extra work on my end, and I have to stay up later to help the students with critiques and questions, but it’s worth it, because I can help more students reach their goals and make their dreams come true–to become the artist they aspire to be, and to achieve the career goals they are chasing after.

I know a lot of you have been wanting to join us, and have been waiting for the right timing or saving up for it. I’m going to keep running this workshop for as long as I can, and when you are ready to come and join us, you’ll become part of the alumni students community, with our own private forum for critiques, discussions about personal artistic growth, portfolio/career development, and on-going mentoring from me, as well as mutual support and friendship from fellow alumni students. It’s a much cozier atmosphere compared to large, anonymous forums, because all the alumni students have been through the same experienced during the workshop, and for many, it’s been a transcendent experience in artistic growth, self-awareness, discovery, and huge boost in skill, knowledge, and confidence.

For those of you yet to experience the workshop, we’re waiting for you to come and join us.

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