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November 22, 2012

Becoming A Better Artist workshop (January, 2013) now open for enrollment!

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The next run of Becoming A Better Artist workshop is now open for enrollment:

The workshop will be from January 7th to March 4th.

I want to address something that’s often been asked in past by those who want to know more about the workshop (despite the very detailed description of the workshop shown on the promo/enrollment page, including a weeek-by-week outline). So this time, I included this following information to elaborate even further on what I think everyone should know about the workshop:

Please Note: The heart and soul of this workshop is the mentoring of the students by the instructor, through direct interaction, in-depth critiques and discussions, answering of difficult and complex questions asked by students, and careful monitoring of the students’ growth and development so the mentoring can be catered to each student’s specific needs and personality. This is the most important aspect of the workshop, and it is what made this workshop so popular.

The lecture notes and videos are the two other aspects of the workshop, and they tackle different areas of each week’s focus. The videos are mostly supplemental and aimed mainly at beginners, while the lecture notes are the main focus and contain the most sophisticated and advanced concepts. The interaction between students and instructor in the form of in-depth, thoughtful critiques for the assignments, is what takes the lessons from theory to execution, and in turn, allow the students to really absorb the knowledge and utilize them effectively.

Students will be given assignments each week that push them to think creatively, experiment, and try different approaches to solve problems and find the most effective way to communicate their visual ideas. Through extensive feedback and thoughtful critiques, the students will make great strides in ways they could not have on their own without a mentor to guide them through the journey.

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