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December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays greeting from Kitty Cat

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Happy Holidays, everyone!

Here is a set of cozy holiday photos from a shoot I did with Elena a couple of days ago:

It’s extremely rare that Elena asks me to do a photo-shoot of her, since my cameras are on her so much that it’s just part of domestic life for her. But this Christmas, she actually asked me to do a “fun photo-shoot” of her in Santa hat and her choice of “fun clothes.” When a pretty lady requests a photo-shoot, you don’t say no. Especially when it’s your wife.

I know I haven’t been updating the blog nearly as much as I used to. It just seems like life keeps getting busier the older I get. Every single day flashes by so fast, and try as I might to be as productive as possible, I still feel like I didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d like at the end of each day. With teaching the workshop, working on the novels, the occasional rabbit holes I tend to fall into while researching a subject (recently, it’s been mechanical keyboards. I’ve been testing¬†every major switch type lately–Cherry MX, buckling spring, Topre, and ALPS), and trying to catch up on the processing of all the back-logged Kitty Cat Diary photos, there’s just no time to blog anymore.

Also, with most of my family and friends on Facebook now, a lot of what I used to blog about simply gets posted to Facebook instead. Blogs are now for longer in-depth posts about something very specific, like the ones on the Galaxy Note 3 and photography tips I did previously. I used to do a lot of in-depth product reviews in the blog too, but now I just post them to Amazon instead. I’m also not sure if I’ll do any more movie/TV reviews, since there are so many websites out there dedicated to reviews, and I don’t think anyone really cares what I think. I’ll probably only post about the ones that really resonated with me (or really pissed me off). Books and video games are easier since I go through a lot less of them in a year than I do with movies and TV shows.

I’m going through a transition period in my life, and I guess when things are more settled, I’ll be blogging a bit more. I’ll definitely do the annual year-in-review/resolutions post soon though–that’s one tradition I’ll never break. There’s also big update to the Kitty Cat Diary coming up soon–it won’t get me caught up to current date, but it’s still a big pile of photos that haven’t been posted yet.

That’s it for now. Back to being busy busy busy.


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