2010 March - May

Krystal Camprubi

"I like the way you build your whole course. I knew a lot of these theoric things but I have the feeling here I actually discovered them for the first time. Probably because you break everything into "learnable" and applicable pieces. I must say I am deeply impressed, not only of your artistic knowledge and accuracy, but also of the passion you put in teaching. I hope everyone of your student had realised that, for it is rare and precious to find such an engagement. I consider myself very lucky to be here..."

Grant Moore

"I have only scratched the surface in terms of taking in all the information in the course. If I were to look at it simply in terms of quantity of quality material for dollar value, this is easily the best course I've ever taken in my life. I feel like I am going to have to go through the material a good dozen times before it really starts to sink in and become a regular part of my thought process. I'm very happy with what you've created Robert and I can tell you made it sincerely from wanting to help people rather than make a quick buck, it's a shame there aren't more people with both the necessary skills and passion to create courses like this. If this were an Ebay purchase, my comment might go something along the lines of, '100% Excellent, would buy again A+++++'."


2010 June - August

Chris Nicholls

"No matter what kind of artist you are or how good you are, I would strongly encourage you to consider and part-take this course. There is a HUGE amount of information in there that you'll digest for months and actually use in your future. I find myself referring to the course notes ALL the time with both 2D and 3D works.

Robert goes into a large variety of topics and related topics with unexpected depth and gives the course and each student all of his time. You won't be disappointed and it's money very well spent.

Invest in yourself!"


2010 August - October

Victor Galo

"As a beginner, all the entire workshop has been priceless to me. I've enjoyed this experience since I started reading in CG-Society forums the thread about this workshop. I started to feel more and more longing about joining it. And even with all my growing expectations, I could have never guessed that I would take so much benefit from an online course. It's really easy to see how much love and effort you have put into this."

Freya Horn

"Like Lukasz mentioned, I feel similarly about my university education.I spent three years and got into alot of debt and came out the other end good enough to get by..but by no means did I learn as much as I think I can in this workshop. Pretty sad considering this is just an 8 week course, but it's much more intense, concentrated, and I really do feel that you care about the students and helping us improve. My university lecturers all seemed pretty indifferent in comparison."

Brandon Pirruccello

"It's pretty obvious that you are immeasurably passionate about art and that goes far beyond the scope of your own skills and self betterment. You really go out of your way to push us, and that push is something that we all yearn for but don't always receive. We are all deeply grateful for what you put into this course for each of us individually. I can only hope, this early in my career as an artist, that I come across more people like you to help me realize my dreams so one day when I finally "make it", I can pass along the wisdom as well. I knew going into this course it would be an amazing experience and this far through I can already tell that there is only more awesome advice to come. Thanks Robert :D

I just wanted to stop by and once again thank you for all of your help in this course. I eventually did end up getting accepted into Art Center after spending a lot of time building up those foundations that I was lacking in. I start in the spring and the wait has been driving me nuts. Anyways, there is no way I would have even been considered if it wasn't for your teachings. I am going to continue to use them throughout my time in school and hopefully it will give me the edge to rise to the top! At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesey, thank you for helping me to realize my dream and I will never forget how much you helped us all. : )"

Lukasz Jastrzebski

"The course was very important, and I think, a turning point in my professional life. The amount of knowledge I was exposed to was enormous."

Maris Karklins

"you have saved me thousands and thousands of dolllars that it would have cost me to gain the same insight and knowledge in a fraction of the time."


2010 October - December

Jason Hill

"I admire your knowledge and approach to teaching and learning. You are most surely the best teacher I have ever been graced to work with, just by the fact you seem to care so much."

Josh Bailey

"I have never before came across such knowledgable experience. I have already learnt more than two people could dream of. The class notes literally blow my mind with sudden realisations and it's turning me into a much more aware person when it comes to general observation and artistic skills. I couldn't recommend your workshop enough really. I always partially believed in blessings and you are truly one of them. Thanks mate!

This course has definitely been the biggest educational experience out of my 23 years of livin' and has etched itself into the main foundation of my personality and interests. I will always refer to Robert Chang as the guy who showed me the way. His help has been beyond priceless and I'd gladly do the course again if I got amnesia *touches wood*."


2010 October - December

Steven De Saeger
"When I initially read the class description and objectives I thought that it was all too nice to be true ... I started the class with the hope that it would at least partially meets its goals but I am very glad to have found out that the course meets all its goals and that it has given me much more then I could ever hope for.

I have been going to art school for 5 years but this course managed to teach me so much more in just a couple of weeks ..."


2011 May - July

Sarah Bloch

"I can't tell you enough how lucky I feel that I could be part of this workshop. It's truely a blessing and it just crossed my path when I needed it more than anything. That was one of my best decisions to participate in this course! One of those decisions that – when thinking back – you just think "wow, that really changed something in my life!"

Nele Klumpe

"Before I enrolled in this workshop I felt like I needed to get to the next level. I was improving, yes, but not as fast as I would have liked to. But the problem was more that I had immense problems in the process of creating an image as well as several problems with self doubts. Now I think that I'm ready to take the next step. It's like someone showed me the direction, where to go, whereas before I couldn't see through the fog."

Enric Guillem

"When I enrolled for the workshop, I was expecting specific advice on the fundamentals to improve as an artist, but what I actually found was beyond my wildest dreams as a student. Trust me, this is not hype. The contents you'll find if you decide to enroll are top notch and extremely well structured. In fact, you'll wonder how much time you'll need to finish them because I can guarantee you they are generous and fully informative. When I read about Rob's comments before enrolling, he stated that students would have big AHA! moments during the course, but I was a bit skeptical at first. What a mistake! Once the course started I could understand how accurate that statement was because each week gave me new insights of concepts I never had considered before.

I totally recommend enrolling in this workshop so if you are in doubt, do not hesitate any more an just jump in, no matter your current skill level. I don't know for how much time you'll be able to have the opportunity to receive this unique education. For me it has been a life changing experience. Thanks for all your passionate dedication Rob.

This is no bluff and pretty much sums up what this workshop can offer to you. If you consider to enroll -which you should if you are serious with your art- you'll soon notice why past students like me can't find other words than life changing to describe the course. It's not about learning a set of steps to achieve a result, but more like starting to think critically about our work and see how can we do to improve it thanks to the solid knowledge the workshop provides. The assignments are designed to make you think and I found them very challenging. When you reach week 3 you'll know what I'm talking about

In my opinion, the biggest benefit you'll enjoy is to awaken from your misconceptions and believe me, once you do that there's no turning point."

Jeffrey Scott

"Becoming A Better Artist is the perfect course for anyone interested in finding some direction in their development as an artist. Don't know what aspects of your artistic development to focus on? Don't know how to work smarter not harder? Missing some key components in your artistic tool set? I was, and this course helped me figure out what I should be focusing my artistic energy on in the future. I now have a road map to improve as an artist. No dead-end country dirt roads, just highways . Thanks Rob!"


2011 June- August

Hassan Javaid

"This workshop has changed me, in a very significant way. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that I've received in it, and honestly, I've learned more in these few weeks than I have in 2 years at college, so yeah, its amazing...

Either way, Thank you Robert, I really mean it, this workshop was probably one of the best things that have happened to me, and the knowledge alone is worth more than I could ever wish for."


2011 September - November

Leandro Reis

"I can tell you, I've seen a lot of tutorials, seen a lot of works, but your workshop helped me see exactly the process needed in order to develop and grow as an artist. It's not about the technical skills, that, every single tutorial tries to teach you, it's all about the vision and the challenge. It's how you perceive and find new things, the way you deconstruct and try to understand them and to connect the dots on all that you've seen and try to create rules and destilate what you know into the canvas. The discoveries have been, simply put, magical."

Steven Howell

"Thank you so much for the opportunity that this workshop provided. I signed up for this workshop because I couldn't understand why I couldn't improve as an artist, but I never expected to get as much from this course as I did. Despite going through college taking mostly art courses, I feel like I knew next to nothing after all you touched on in these weeks.

You have been by far one of the best art teachers I have ever had, I really respect how you take the time to view our assignments and evaluate our strengths and what we could do a better job on."

Anton Myrestam

"I'd like to thank you, Robert, for helping me come to terms with something that's plagued me for years, something I haven't even been able to put to words properly until now. This just goes to show that this workshop has something to offer for absolutely everyone. I do hope that you will continue to teach for a long time to come, you're an excellent teacher and I wish you the best of luck in the future."

Dziga Kaiser

"I was in the latest run of Rob's workshop and it was wonderful. When I first read the course description and the testimonials of previous students I thought "Jesus, this is the workshop I need to advance in my creative life.". At the same time I wondered how a workshop and a mentor could be so highly praised and how it can be possible to learn so much as other students stated. Well, they were all right. Rob's workshop is simply amazing in its depth, complexity, understandability and personality (and so much more ! My vocabulary is limited haha). It felt as being taught and guided by a zen master. Gigantic amounts of experience and knowledge in various fields of art (drawing/painting, writing, music) joined by worldly wisdoms that help you overcome your fears and gain a completely new perspective on various aspects of life and art build the foundations of this workshop. It's not easy to comment the workshop because even the most exaggerated terms seem to underrate the actual value of the 8 weeks with Rob.

There is nothing that helped me more than Rob's workshop. Around eight months have passed now since I took part in this workshop and my skill level at work is constantly increasing the more I manifest all the knowledge and techniques Robert taught us. I still think this workshop is the most brilliant, effective and long term life changing training you can get."


2011 November - 2012 January

Chee Sing Chan

"To be honest, I'm actually shocked and overwhelmed when I saw the content. I couldn't believe that i'm getting so much just from week 1! (This reminds me that I read it somewhere that someone commented that they probably has earned back their course money just from week 1 alone ^^)"

Gildo Rioji Nakamura

"This workshop for me means a great boundary: "me before" and "me after" the workshop. I really feel I am a better artist now, and a better man too!

Thank you Rob for this opportunity of growing, people like you really make the difference!"

Kight Neale

"It is probably one of the most important 8 weeks at this point in my journey to become a professional artist. I am very honored to have taken it and hopefully do the the course work justice in my future endeavors.

I am grateful and privilidged to take this workshop. It has given me so much more than I Initially imagined. It pushed me to my limits and past my comfort zones to better myself. To watch others grow with me was also benificially, to know that there really is no shortcuts, but dedication, passion and determination and just plain blood and sweat to achieve your goals.

You lead by example of pure positive attitude and straight to the point sincerity. I would reccommend this course to anyone and everyone because it just doesn't teach to become a better artist, but overall a better professional and person."

Carol Cornils

"Thanks a lot Rob, for your incredible patience and dedication. You have an amazing gift; a precise and critique eye. And objective critique is very difficult to find today.

I think that you helped me far beyond the workshop themes. And you were able to teach me how to deal with frustration, that fact alone is awesome."

David Coacci

"Like Charles said, the past few months have gone by way too quickly, and I can say they've been some of the most memorable of my life. I can't recall the last time I actually wanted to do homework. Crazy."


2012 February - April

Jean-Noe Tharin

"I was a bit skeptic about what I could learn here before enrolling but what I got far exceeded what I expected so I'd like to express my gratefullness. Everything that I wanted to learn was there and even more.

8 weeks ago, if someone asked me if I were an artist, I'd have say no. Now, I'd totally say that I am an artist (not a really good one for the moment but an artist nevertheless) I know the way is still very long but at least it's not a roadless desert where I wander without directions.

There was also some sort of Karate Kid effect in this workshop that I really liked: A few times I read some lesson thinking that it was more philosophic than useful or I did assignement I didn't get at first why they were crucial and a few days-weeks later: bam I'm doing crane kicks in the face of the artistic mistakes bullies who were kicking my ass for the last 2 years and I suddenly realised that those lessons/assignements were in fact priceless."

JM Santiago

"The amount of knowledge, love, and effort put into this 8-week-long workshop is just remarkable. I can¡¦t believe that that amount of information can even be compressed into 8 weeks. Every week I get overwhelmed with information, every week I get excited to check the new ideas I can learn, every week during the workshop didn¡¦t feel like any other week I experienced before."

John DeRosa

"I want you to know that I enjoyed every moment of this class. I am so grateful that I came across it and feel lucky to have taken the chance of enrolling in it. I have not had good experiences with online classes because they were so impersonal and never felt like I got anything out of them. This class was the total opposite. You can really tell that you care deeply about the course and all of your students. You gave us all your very best in constructive critique. I had mentioned in an earlier week that your critique alone was worth the price of the course.

Week one alone was a mind blowing experience for me and will forever change the way I think about my work. "Becoming a Better Artist" has done exactly that, made me a better artist!

Thank you very much Robert for an unforgettable experience."

Ashlee Hynes

"I don't think I really got the chance to say thank you for the course that we just completed. I do not think that I could have found the optimism that I needed to keep moving along if I hadn't signed up for those past 8 weeks. The information I learned very often put the words to the questions that I hadn't known how to ask in the first place. It's probably one of the most insightful classes, and personal classes, that I think could be offered and I couldn't have made a better investment!"


2012 April - June

AR Negm

"Robert for real I have to thank you. I'm finally able to have fun with art again. The whole "get us confident with our own abilities/knowledge" is an understatement. So happy I took this course man, stuff in this weeks lesson is gold and I just like to give credit where it's due."

LeRoy Corbie

"Previously I have invested time and money in many art courses, however, none of then offered the scope that I already see in this workshop. I now realize how little I really learnt from all those courses and tutorials."

Kevin McGinnis

"I won't go into how epic this course is because that's already obvious from the introduction, let alone the countless testimonials. Instead I'll just say what I think is the most incredible thing about the workshop, it's the tangible difference in skill I feel after only 6 weeks compared to when I started. You will jump ages ahead in your personal evolution as an artist, gaining both practical proficiency, and invaluable insight you won't find anywhere else."


2012 April - June

Tan HuiYan

"My gosh you were the most helpful when I needed it! And it's strange to have just a man who is capable of teaching to beat the pants out of not one, but several institutions of supposedly world class schools that I've went to!"


2012 - September - November

Toni Shelton

"I really appreciate the effort you make to read through all of our post and give us honest, genuine feedback. Having an instructor who really takes his job seriously and is passionate in what he does motivates me to want to try my hardest in return. I honestly had my doubts when I first signed up for this class, but even in the first week alone I feel like I have improved as an artist. Even if it's just in my way of thinking. So really, thank you for that. I'm looking forward to the rest of the course. : )"

Keidy Zuniga

"I've read a lot of books, like A LOT and I can tell you this much. Your lectures are not only the most detailed that I have ever read, but they are also the most focused.

I'm just amazed how much I understand now because you're literally telling me step by step, "this is how artists think" and exactly why that is."

Troy Parrott

"This workshop has exceeded my expectations. Before this, I had no idea just how much there was to learn. Just about every lesson was an ¡§Aha!¡¨ moment for me.The class notes were comprehensive and easy to understand. The assignments have been challenging for me and have helped me to learn about things I would never have figured out on my own."


2013 - January - March

Julie Lainesse

"Robert, I honestly hope one day, I get to meet you in person and shake your hand to thank you for this amazing class, for your support to me and all of us, for your dedication and honesty which truly comes from your heart. It is the best and most rare and wonderful thing to find a humble teacher such as you who cares so much about his students."

Samantha Ong

"This workshop changed my life, it really slapped me awake. I got lost of what I really wanted and this workshop made me remember once again. I am really grateful and I feel really lucky to encounter and enrolled in this workshop.

Thank you, Rob! First, thank you for spending your precious time on writing and compiling this amazing content! Thanks for being really patient and repeatedly answering duplicated questions and giving really detailed good advices to help me and every classmates improve. I really apprieciate it very much, a teacher who tries his best to answer every question that any students asked is really rare. Please do continue to guide me in the alumni forum. BIG BIG THANK YOU ROBERT!!"

Jason Franco

"First I'd like to say, this workshop definitely changed the way I view things. Ironically it's the shortest course I ever enrolled in but it's probably the most important one. My only regret is that I should have taken this kind of course years ago, who knows what kind of artist I would be today."

Tomas de Zarate

"thks to Robert I have already done things I've never dreamed of.

MIL MILLONES DE GRACIAS, ROB. I've the psychological response of a person trapped in a deep cave: he can't find enough words to thank the fireman who takes him out.

Probably you've already heard this hundreds of times, but you're an amazing teacher. Seriously. thanks, thanks, thanks."

Matej Jan

"To me this workshop is like a big map of art. Before it I was lost, blindly running around in the dark, exploring in random directions without a sense of grander scale."


2013 - March - May

Charles A. Aiken

"I think I was a bit over confident at the beginning and now am realizing just how na?ve I was. Quite a humbling experience, I must say. For someone like me who really needs hand holding, it is a great comfort to know that, unlike most other courses I've taken over the years, I won't be left high and dry with no one to help me. Having someone you can ask questions is much more valuable than any book or video course can ever teach.

I am thrilled beyond words that I took this class.

I also would like you to know that despite our personal differences, I respect you a great deal. I could not have hoped for a better digital art instructor. The time and money I've wasted over the years trying to find what I learned here...well, there are no adequate words to express my heartfelt gratitude."

Robert Nicholson

"Wow! Suddenly the fee for this course just got very insignificant. I'm just a little speechless to tell the truth. I certainly never expected that kind of personal commitment, I genuinely don't know what to say."

Michael Sagan

"I want you to know that made a huge difference for me already. I have learned, re-learned, changed some things in the way I see and gained confidence in many areas. Most noticeably, you have got my energy pointed in a new direction. That said, while my participation in the workshop is not showing it, my attitude at home and work has improved. Thank you, this is what I needed and it is working."

Hope Brackin

"Rob, You have done an outstanding job with this workshop. Thank you for dedicating it to those that feel lost, stuck and alone instead of how to draw big "Booms" and naked chicks.

I feel like, for the first time in my life, I found a four leaf clover. This workshop has been a true rare gem and I cannot wait to see you all in the Alumni Lounge."

Lloyd Romero

"For me I reached a plateau that I had been at for quite a long time and I needed to boost myself back up. Nowadays there's so many classes to choose from: matte painting, concept design, 3d design, zbrush, photoshop, after effects.. you name it, there's a workshop for it or some big name teaching it. I had coworkers taking master courses on this and that, and producing works at the end of their terms that were very impressive. But I chose this class because from the outside it looks like a basic class, but in reality, it should have been a prerequisite to anything and everything I've learned about art. People say the lecture notes alone are worth the price of admission, and they're right. Because this class doesn't just give you a goal of.. "two or three portfolio pieces at the end".. it gives you all the portfolio pieces you can ever dream of.

There's a famous cliche quote that says, "give a man fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life." And really, that's what it boils down to as far as what this class has given me. I don't have a big basket of fish right now to show for it, but now I feel like I can continue on my journey as an artist and be able to fish on my own.

If I can sum up one word to describe what I got out of this class, it's wisdom. I chose the word wisdom rather than knowledge, because we acquire knowledge on a day to day basis. We absorb information like a sponge and it if we remember it, it becomes knowledge. But wisdom is something different, something that changes you, something that allows you to better understand all the other "knowledges" you've acquired.

One of the coolest things I've noticed after completing this class is everything had a new meaning... I'm not sure if Rob ever intended for this, but it's definitely something I got after reading all the lecture notes. When I sit and watch past tutorial videos I've seen over and over again, I don't just watch it to learn how to create anymore... I view them and now I understand how to take that knowledge to create my own pieces. It's almost like Rob teaches you how to understand other artists, and through that, it opens up a new world of figuring things out. When I look at other people's photography, when I look at the world around us, or even just looking at my desk right now, I understand the visual flow, the reason why I see what I see and through that I have a better sense of the world around me and how to recreate that the way I would like to create it.. and in the proper way.

This isn't some magic class that will turn you into David Blane or Copperfield. This is a pure and simple understanding of 'this is where you are now' and 'if' this is where you want to go.. then use this to guide you. And it is in this that I can say that Rob's class is worth 10-20 of other workshops out there.

I know I'm rambling a lot in this comment, but I really firmly believe in Rob's class because it really did give me a better understanding of who I am. Now I understand what others (and he) has said in terms of it being a boot camp.

In a world of fast pace and cut throat job market, where people are scratching and clawing at each other to get to the top, this class was a very humbling experience. It has inspired me to want more, to reignite the need to gather more information and to feed my drive to improving... It truly has made me become a better artist."

Jessica Page

"I think the most important thing this course has made me realise, is just how much more learning I have to go. It's shown me that getting to the level of skill that I want to is achievable. Sure, it's a long road, but it's far more straight forward then I ever thought it would be. There are some things I think I can do well, but that's totally irrelevant if I don't keep trying to get better, because there's no end to what I can learn. It's not daunting, it's exciting and has only made me more determined.

As far as the content itself. Wow. Seriously. What Lloyd said about it being like to "teach a man to fish" is 100% accurate. It's something I'm going to refer to often throughout the years. There's so much information, yet it is all completely relevant and invaluable. It's changed my outlook, not only with artwork, but also the world itself.

Something I also feel the need to say is thank you. Not only for creating a course that I'm sure has changed other people's lives as it has with me, but also for caring that much about it. I honestly can't imagine this course to have such a dramatic effect on people if it had been someone else. You have my highest respect and I will prove it the only way I can. By utilizing what you've taken great care in teaching, and becoming the best artist I can be."

Yoel Judowitz

"I have to say that this idea of the alumni forum is literally where the value of this course is for me."


2013 - May - July

Joseph Landy

"Rob, you really seem to have a gift for changing people's perceptions, and getting people to think seriously about themselves in new ways leading to new understanding."

Ali Asad Jafri

"I have read quit extensive books and seen many tutorials but I feel this workshop has set me in the right direction and continues to be an eye-opener for me to expand my knowledge plus kill any misconceptions that I may have in my brain.

I would recommend it 200%. This workshop is for everyone related to art whether your a 2d or 3d artist. I am a 3d generalist myself and would recommend this workshop as an eye opening experience. Plus if you work hard enough and follow the instructor properly, you will see improvements right away and this will also change the way you think about the subject of art itself. So stop slacking around and do something right. Join this workshop. I did.

This workshop is worth every iota for improvement in art. The main process of first fixing how to think and approach the subject of art itself is the greatest asset for students I think. This has been an experience of self correction and focusing on whats important."

Kim Van Deun

"I learned more during this eight weeks than during a full year of illustration evening class.
It's like a switch in your head: suddenly, you understand the painting process itself: how to apply values, colour, why composition works, the impact of brushwork...

In the past I painted merely on intuition, and that's dangerous, as this approach can grind the improvement of your skills to a halt. Rob is fully dedicated to explain, help and critique your work, so you can break through your artistic plateau.

I advise this workshop to everyone who want's to become a better artist, just like the title says."