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August 29, 2007

Corel Painter Magazine interview

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The current issue of Official Corel Painter Magazine’s got an interview with me, so stop by your local bookstore and spend a few minutes to check it out. (The Painter magazine is usually placed near all those Photoshop/computer art magazines.)

Do not buy Crest Pro Health mouthwash. Just google that with terms like “dark stain between teeth” and you’ll see why. My wife and I are victims of it, and we have stopped using our bottle and asked for a refund with Crest. We scratched our heads for weeks wondering why we both were getting the dark stains between our teeth. We reviewed our diet, looked into the local water supply, called our dentist, called our landlord, and eventually placed our suspicion on the mouthwash. A search with google confirmed our suspicion, as many others have voiced their anger about the dark staining online.

Right now our favorite is the citrus flavored stuff–although it does contain alcohol (the reason we moved to the non-alcoholic formula in the first place–but backfired on us).

Vector TD is one of the most addictive games (and free) I’ve played in a long time. If you are prone to addiction at all, do not try this game–hours will be sucked away. You’ve been warned.

I finally watched Before Sunset for the first time (heard about it through Filmspotting a while ago) with Elena. Man, what a great movie! Now we have to hunt down Before Sunrise and see what their romance was like nine years ago. I think this is probably the first time a romantic drama had a sequel? What’s so interesting is that they filmed the sequel nine years later, and in the story it was nine years later as well, so the rate of how the characters aged is accurate. This is one of the rare films where the entire thing is essentially one long conversation between two people, and if that might sound boring to you, it’s really not at all. If you are in any way a romantic, it’s a must see.

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