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June 20, 2013

Becoming A Better Artist workshop (July, 2013) now open for enrollment!

Filed under: Art & CG,News — Rob Chang @ 3:54 am

The next run of Becoming A Better Artist workshop is now open for enrollment:

(On that linked coursed overview page, make sure you click on the “What you’ll learn” and Week by week outline” expandable contents, as they contain more information.)

Although the workshop will be from July 29th to September 23rd, the dates are merely formality, as my workshop is in reality an on-going mentorship that will last for as long as you still need my help. All of my alumni students have access to a private forum where I continue to mentor all of them. I answer their questions, give them advice on how to more efficiently learn and practice, help them with their personal growth and career strategies, give them critiques on their latest works, share useful resources with them, etc. For many of the students, the alumni forum itself is the true value of the workshop, because it keeps on going and has no end date, and they can come to me anytime for help and I’ll always help them.

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